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Client Testimonials

Here are a few of the letters that we have received from our clients about 1Click Auto Brokers' car buying & auto leasing service...

    Thank you for the hard work and excellent job you did for me during the search and purchase of my new Toyota Camry. Wow, what a pleasant experience. Your automobile expertise and years of brokerage experience certainly worked to my advantage. No hassle, no (car salesman) 'hose job', no regrets.

    As you explained up front, you wanted this to be a pleasant experience (I usually put buying a new car up there with having a root canal). But, it was truly the most easy-going auto purchase I've ever had. From my arrival at the Toyota dealership to driving off the lot - start to finish - twenty minutes. Thanks to your expertise, the deal was absolutely painless.

    Please accept my highest accolades for your professional and excellent service. I am highly recommending 1Click Auto Brokers.com to my family and friends. I look forward to many more great deals in the years to come.

Thanks again!

Scott P.
Alexandria, Virginia

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    Thank you so much for helping us with our recent purchase of our new 2001 Chevy Suburban. We are truly grateful for your services and want you to know this has been a wonderful experience for us. You took all the hassle out of our decision-making process and we are truly satisfied with the final product, thanks to your professionalism.

Brian & Debbie D.
Aurora, Colorado

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    Working with my broker was a pleasure. He went above and beyond to not only get us the car we wanted, but to ensure that we worked with a dealer he trusted and thought would be the most professional with us, and helped to get us a fantastic APR on our loan.

    We walked into the dealership knowing what price we would pay and with a loan in place and drove out with no fuss within the hour. We were so grateful to not have to deal with any of the hassle of bargaining ourselves or worrying about getting the best price.

    I absolutely look forward to using 1Click Auto Brokers again for my next car purchase and recommend them heartily to everyone I know. Thanks again for taking the hassle out of car buying!!

Suzanne & Danielo P.
Port Jefferson Station, New York

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    Just a note to thank you for helping us find the ride we wanted without the hassle. We are also very appreciative of the help on the financial side of the transaction. Often times the consumer is unaware of the possibilities and the exhaustive research still would not uncover everything the people working the job already know.

    You are to be complimented on your polite and tactful approach to your customer, your enthusiasm for the job, and your thoughtful follow-through in calling to see if all was well. I know it is good business, but sincerity is always evident. Thanks again!

Jim & Marlene B.
Salt Lake City, Utah

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    I want to express my sincere thanks to you for providing my customers with such outstanding service.

    Since I began referring clients to you, about a year ago, the feedback I've gotten has been simply terrific. The pricing that you are able to obtain, the efficiency in which you work, all have been extremely well received. Not to mention the great deal you got me on my new Suburban several months ago.

    You have given my customers another reason to do business with me, since it was through me that they found you.

    I am looking forward to another great year of working with you. Please feel free to have any prospective clients contact me for a personal testimonial.

Randy J. (State Farm Insurance Agent)
Denver, Colorado

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    I have NEVER had such good customer service, in any arena - car buying, or otherwise. On a scale of 1-10, my broker deserves a 15!

    As a CEO of a large medical group, it's my job to keep PR and customer service at its very best; therefore, I am a tough critic. You guys could not have possibly done this any better. I have no intention of buying a car anywhere else again.


Jim B.
Atlanta, Georgia

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    Recently, I had occasion to use the services of 1Click Auto Brokers in obtaining a new vehicle and would like to report my complete and utter satisfaction with your services.

    My broker treated me politely and respectfully and delivered EXACTLY the vehicle I wanted - way under the "best deal" that I had got shopping around by myself. And, to top it off, even helped arrange the financing at an excellent rate. I just went to the dealership at the appointed time, signed the financing docs, wrote the check for the pre-negotiated amount and drove off in my new vehicle - no fuss, no crazy "sales" techniques, etc.

    My broker apprised me of all the details before I even stepped into the dealership and that was the exact deal that I walked away with. I’ll also mention that my broker saved me almost $4000 off the "best price" that the local dealers offered me as a returning Credit Union / fleet customer.

    I feel confident in recommending 1Click Auto Brokers without reservation!

Atul B.
Houston, Texas

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    I was very happy with everything that happened in getting my BMW 530i. The ease and professionalism that I experienced was more than I expected. My broker was the epitome of courtesy and understanding in working with me in spite of my being hearing impaired and made me feel at ease with something that I'd never done before. Thank you very much!

Jim S.
Zionsville, Indiana

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    Having never used the services of an automobile broker before, it was with some trepidation that I contacted you. I want to tell you that my concerns were completely misplaced and that never will I lease or purchase another car without the assistance of your company. The car is all I had hoped for and more; and you were able to get a lease for me within the financial parameters we had agreed upon. The frosting on the cake was your call informing me that I was to get a $1000.00 rebate from Honda!

    It will be my pleasure to refer anyone who asks me about buying or leasing a car to you knowing they will receive the same considerate, thoughtful service you gave me.

William L.
Denver, Colorado

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    A very big thanks to 1Click Auto Brokers. They got my 2010 Ford F-150 Platinum at a great price. Process was extremely painless. Working with them made my car buying experience a pleasure. I would recommend their service to everybody.

Scot S.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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    Being a young woman attempting to purchase her first car I was more than apprehensive about dealing directly with a dealer. I spoke to one dealer before coming to 1Click Auto Brokers.com and left the dealership feeling like I had just been taken advantage of. It left me with an uncomfortable feeling. It was so refreshing to be able to feel totally in control of the situation and get the best price possible, not to mention the extra money saved because I didn't have to take time off of work to go and shop around - it was all done for me!

     I haven't stopped talking about my experience and I hope that more people who are apprehensive about auto buying will take advantage of this awesome service. Thanks so much!

Daphne L.
Fanwood, New Jersey

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    Thanks again, so very much. I totally love my new car and getting it was so very easy--especially after hearing many terrible stories from my friends about all they had to go through to get a new vehicle.

    My broker was so responsive and caring; gave me his honest opinion when I asked him questions. He went out of his way to help me and to get my new car to me as quickly and easily as possible. I was totally satisfied and could not have asked for anything more. I would definitely use 1Click again and will recommend them to my friends.

Beth H.
Orange, CA

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    I want to tell you how pleased I am with my Toyota Camry, which I purchased in June. It is a pleasure to drive in the mountains as well as in the city.

    I found looking for cars to be a frustrating experience until calling you. You were the first company to listen and give me the information I needed to make an informed decision. You were willing to answer my questions before as well as after purchasing a car. Finally, the process of purchasing a car became a pleasant experience. Thank you.

Jayne G.
Boise, Idaho

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    Thanks for all your help. You guys take everything that's awful about the normal car buying process and remove it from the equation. You do what say you will, deliver a great price and actually make buying a new car fun. Gee, imagine that.

    Great job! Hope to work with you again, soon.

Brett B.
Poulsbo, Washington

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    My broker went out of his way to get me the vehicle I desired with the options I wanted at an incredible price. He even negotiated the financing at a fantastic rate I probably couldn't have gotten from the dealer on my own.

    I am a UPS driver and as such it is very difficult for me to conduct any outside business while I am on the job. My broker was very patient with all of this and made the entire process extremely easy. I couldn't have been more pleased. I spent maybe 30 minutes closing on the vehicle before driving off the lot. Wow! What a difference from past experience.

Michael L.
Parker, Colorado

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    Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you.

    Even though I was skeptical of 1Click’s pricing structure, you ended up saving me a lot in the end. The icing on the cake was your extreme professionalism and the fact that whatever you said would happen, happened. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dealt with dealers/brokers who promise the world and then little “surprises” pop up.

    Anyway, when I find a company that works I become a fiercely loyal customer. 1Click fits into this category. Not only will I use you again (unfortunately, not for three years!), but I will put you first on the list if someone I know is looking for a car.

    Thank you again for your outstanding service.

David W.
San Mateo, California

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    Just a note to thank you for helping us find the ride we wanted without the hassle. We are also very appreciative of the help on the financial side of the transaction. Often times the consumer is unaware of the possibilities and the exhaustive research still would not uncover everything the people working the job already know.

    You are to be complimented on your polite and tactful approach to your customer, your enthusiasm for the job, and your thoughtful follow-through in calling to see if all was well. I know it is good business, but sincerity is always evident. Thanks again!

Jim & Marlene B.
Salt Lake City, Utah

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    My husband and I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in helping us secure the car. We, me mostly, are enjoying the car immensely!! Your service was an experience I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone!! If anyone wants to talk to a former customer you may certainly give out my email address for a testimonial! When we buy my husband a new car, I will certainly give you a call. Thanks again for all of your kind assistance!

Karen T.
Ashburn, Virginia

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    I can't believe the quality of service I received from your company. I am telling EVERYONE I know about 1Click Auto Brokers and what a great job you do in addition to saving me money!

    It's so rare to find a company and people that really go above and beyond what they promise! I like to buy a new car every couple of years, but it had gotten to the point that I'd rather have a root canal than go deal with the dealers.

    Thank you for putting the fun and excitement back into buying a new car again. I will be back!!!

Kelley C.
Joplin, Missouri

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    I have already recommended 1Click Auto Brokers to several friends and colleagues. The forthright way in which they do business, together with great pricing and assistance really makes them an exceptional value. I would not buy a new car any other way than through 1Click.

Christopher P.
Seattle, Washington

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    I like everything about 1Click Auto Brokers and recommend you to everyone.

    I just purchased my second car through you. The first was 4 years ago and I was so impressed I would never consider going back to the traditional way of car buying. This latest experience was even better. I got exactly the car I wanted at a great price and it was delivered to my front door. This is how car buying should be.

Trevor B.
Newport Coast, California

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    I liked the fact that I was able to get exactly what I wanted, without having to deal with pushy salesman, at a price I could afford. I also liked the fact that it felt like my broker was working for me only. It felt like he took a lot of his time and effort and focused it on what I needed. I know I wasn't his only customer at the time, so I appreciated the attention. I also liked the price he was able to get me. I will never buy a car without using this service again.

Karl B.
Thornton, Colorado

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    Buying my new truck through 1Click Auto Brokers was fast, easy, and stress-free. I didn't have to put up with the typically outrageous poor behavior of car sales people.

    I put off buying a truck for almost a year; absolutely dreading the garbage I was going to have to endure and when I did finally go to a dealership, I left there angrier than a postal worker with an AK-47. I had none of that dealing with you....I don't think I've ever taken delivery of a car with a bigger smile. THANK YOU!

    Also, I can't say enough nice things about my broker. He was extremely patient and a pleasure to deal with. We will never buy another car without going through your brokerage.

Doug S.
Melbourne, Florida

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    I've worked with 1Click on my last two F-150 truck leases and an Accord purchase. It's pretty slick. I do minimal work, and I get the vehicle I want without all the dealer hassle and negotiation, but most of all, it's to save a ton of time and driving. Once a vehicle is located and it's what I want, I walk in, sign the papers, and I'm out in about an hour. It's worth every penny, and I guarantee you won't negotiate a better deal by yourself, unless you've worked in the industry. You'll save thousands.

I. Osman
Elk River, MN

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    This was my first time to purchase an automobile online, and I was initially skeptical, however, I can say that it has turned out to be my best experience purchasing an automobile. Everything was honestly and truthfully represented throughout the process.

    My broker explained the process thoroughly and gave me all the options without a hint of pressure, however, his explanations were quite helpful in making choices. I found him to be honest and trustworthy in all aspects of this transaction. I will not hesitate to do business with you in the future, and I have already recommended you to my automobile insurance broker, and will to others.

Sam S.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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    My broker was very responsive and helpful throughout the process. He was pleasant to deal with, and inspired trust. He found the best deal around, and got me exactly what I wanted as far as options, color, etc. When the dealer delivered a car with a cosmetic defect, he worked diligently to get the problem resolved, and quickly found me a different vehicle.

Dan G.
San Diego, California

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    I found it to be very easy to deal with your people. My broker made buying a car a whole new experience for me and I have recommended your company to several people. I know that you will treat them right and give them a really good deal and, most importantly, listen to their needs.

    I was always against the new technology of the Internet until I discovered your company and how much better you have made buying a new car without haggling with salespeople. With that, I would like to thank my broker and everyone involved at your company for changing new car shopping forever.

Scott W.
Las Vegas, Nevada

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    Let me take this opportunity to thank you for helping make a dream come true. I've wanted a Corvette for the better part of 17 years and I can't begin to explain the elation I feel. Thank you for your help and for making the process so very smooth.

Howard M.
Aurora, Colorado

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    I picked up my new 4Runner yesterday and everything went perfectly. From the time I stepped foot at the dealership until the time I left, everyone treated me like gold. I was amazed at what great service I received from everyone there. After completing the transaction, I drove home and the car is everything (plus more) than I expected!! My wife is very happy too.

   The great service, support and constant communications made this transaction a 12 out of 10!! I can’t really describe how happy I am with this purchase. THANK YOU so much for all your help. I will certainly recommend 1Click to others and anyone I know looking for not only a new car but excellent service too. 

   It was a pleasure to work with you on this deal. I hope we can do business together again when my wife is looking for a new car.

Doug A.
Roseville, California

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    Hands down, the no-haggle approach was a pleasure to encounter. I was extremely impressed with my broker. He was extremely professional and met my exact needs. I also appreciated that he did not pressure me into any decisions. I will use 1Click Auto Brokers for all of my future automotive buying needs. I will also feel confident referring 1Click (and specifically my broker) to anyone looking for an automobile.

Scott S.
Mt. Kisco, New York

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    We special-ordered our 2007 Toyota Camry and it was well worth the wait, instead of taking one that was less than what we wanted. The price was great and I felt no need to worry while waiting for the car.

    I enjoyed 1Click's approach. The information I received was always 100% accurate. I was surprised on how much money that we saved. I felt no pressure or desperation to make a deal.

     I enjoyed the relationship that you created between us and the dealership. Upon delivery, the dealership took their time explaining the features of our new car.

Tina & Alan P.
Aurora, Indiana

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    Thanks again, we love the car. I can't say enough how happy we were with your service. WOW! What a convenience, the closing only took about 20-30 minutes and that included the tour of the car's features. Comparing that to the 4-5 hour closing that we went through on Doug's car last January; what a difference. I plan on referring you to all my friends! Thanks again.

Kathy C.
Denver, Colorado

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    I like the convenience of not having to deal with salespeople on the showroom floor and the knowledge that we were able to get the best possible price on our vehicle.

    After using 1Click, I will never go to a dealership to purchase a car again. My broker was consistently professional and responsive. He never failed to return a call or to get in touch with me when he said he would. This service represents a significant value for the money, and the business model ensures that 1Click is looking out for its clients and not the dealership. I would recommend 1Click to anybody without reservation.

Rich K.
Portland, Oregon

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    Thanks so much for the great work you did on this deal. My broker was entirely up-front and honest from the start. He didn't make unrealistic promises. His focus was entirely on me, the customer, throughout the entire process. I really felt that he was my advocate. He negotiated a great price and tracked down an additional $1,000 of dealer cash at the last minute - "WOW!" He exceeded my highest expectations.

     I have already recommended 1Click to my friends and family. You saved me the stress and aggravation of dealing with showroom salesmen. Your communication, responsiveness and attention to detail were all excellent.

     Once again, thanks a million. Great job!

Jim M.
Plantation, Florida

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    Just a note of thanks for all of your help.

    I am extremely satisfied with the service your firm has provided. You made the lease of my new car a truly unique & actually, pleasant experience!!

Joseph L.
Westchester, New York

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    As you know, a steak is no better than the guy who is cooking it! My broker at 1Click Auto Brokers was very professional.

    I first connected with 1Click several years ago when I was the CFO for a large environmental testing lab. I was trying to find a source for buying fleet vehicles. Then, when I was trying to buy a fleet vehicle for my own company, I called.  Pricing, service, and the high level of professionalism brought me here and will keep me here.

David K.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

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    I liked working with my broker who was very friendly and easy to talk with. He did everything right and was courteous, knew about the options on the car, and was very timely in getting back to me with three cars with different options that I could choose from.

    I avoided having to deal with the dealership directly and I paid a very good price that I am sure I could never have gotten without your assistance. I want to work with you again in the future.

Stephen D.
Jupiter, Florida

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    Our broker was terrific. This was our first time leasing a vehicle, and he explained everything up front. How nice it is to feel great when you walk into a dealership, as opposed to sick to your stomach, knowing in your gut you're about to be snookered.

    Everything went smoothly during the process. No surprises. The car is exactly what we ordered. Great way to buy/lease a new car.

Molly S.
Carbondale, Colorado

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    It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and knowledgeable representative. I appreciated most that he was prompt, courteous, and always returned messages and phone calls.

    The car we wanted was in high demand, but he was able to make it happen. Before we went to pick it up at the dealer, he explained exactly what would happen. There were no surprises. It was a very good car-buying experience.

    I will definitely consider using your services for any future car purchases.

Jean W.
Snohomish, Washington

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    I liked that you represented me and had no obligation toward any sellers. I also enjoyed working with my broker, who was professional, thorough, pleasant and responsible. He went the distance for me, and was very attentive. I'd not only recommend your company, but would steer friends or others to you, as well.

James C.
York, Maine

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    My broker was very professional, didn't create any hassle, didn't talk down to me either. He was informative, helpful, and delivered exactly what I wanted. The process was quick, and all concerned (broker and the agency) were so nice to work with. AND I love my new car!

    It was a great experience. The only way I'll buy a car from now on. Thanks so much.

Marcia B.
Arvada, Colorado

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    Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful service you provided to us while purchasing our new truck. We appreciated all your time and effort in making such a big purchase for us a little less painful and worry-free. We will certainly recommend you to any of our friends contemplating a car purchase through the Internet.

Warmest Regards …….and much aloha!

Rocky & Jinny S.
Waipahu, Hawaii

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    I liked letting the broker do the negotiating so I didn't have to. When I got to the dealer, everything was ready and I didn't feel like I had been beaten up over negotiating the price. My broker took excellent care of everything and I have told a lot of my friends that this is the way to go.

Sharlyn G.
Hilmar, California

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    Everything about my experience with your company was very positive. It is so rare these days to get such excellent service. My broker was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is intelligent, professional, polite, no pressure, kept me well-informed at every step of the process, and he worked hard to find me EXACTLY the vehicle I was looking for - a vehicle that is in high demand and very low supply.

    My broker got me a great price too: I had done some shopping for this vehicle, and his price - including his fee - was $1000 lower than my next best price. Working with a car dealership and car salesman is usually such an unpleasant experience; they are manipulative, not particularly intelligent, and do not know how to say "I don't know" if you ask them a question for which they do not know the answer. Using your company spared me from this annoying experience.

    Whenever I learn that any of my friends or co-workers are in the market for a new vehicle, you can be sure I will be recommending you highly to them.

Ron C.
Las Vegas, Nevada

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    I went to pick up the truck I ordered on Wednesday afternoon. Took less than a half hour and I was finished. Couldn't be happier. I'll recommend you to all my family and friends. You did a great job staying on top of things and keeping me informed. Can't say enough nice things about my car buying experience. Thank you.

Dale C.
Disputanta, Virginia

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    We are just writing to let you know that our Subaru arrived this Saturday morning, only four days after we decided to buy the car. Everything went smoothly. Your dealer was a pleasure to work with, and the transporter you recommended was very helpful in arranging the car transportation.

    We are still amazed by the price you were able to work out for the car! In short, you guys are terrific! We remain loyal customers and will continue to recommend 1Click Auto Brokers to our friends and family. Keep up the great work!


Carl & Suzi T.
Salt Lake City, Utah

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    My broker was the best! He was very responsive and was able to find the car I wanted at the right price. This was the easiest and least stressful auto purchase I have made.

Dianne J.
San Luis Obispo, California

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    What I liked most was working with my broker. He simply could not have been more pleasant to work with. Our factory order was rather protracted (due *entirely* to the manufacturer), and he had to spend an unusual amount of time getting me the car I wanted. My broker remained helpful, pleasant, and kept a great sense of humor. I always enjoyed our chats, and can't recommend 1Click highly enough.

    I now have a new car that I’m thrilled with, and a great experience, in buying it, to remember.

    My husband looks forward to calling 1Click and working with them again sometime next year.

Denys C.
Port Townsend, Washington

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    My broker was very responsive to my requests and specific parameters in terms of what I was looking for. He worked very diligently and always contacted me with updates on his progress. Additionally, the whole leasing process was very simple.

    I have discussed my leasing/buying experience with 1Click Auto Brokers with friends and colleagues who may be purchasing or leasing a vehicle in the near future.

Rick A.
Glen Oaks, New York

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    I am a single father with two kids. Between work and activities with them, my time is limited. I wanted a broker to find the truck that I wanted at a fair price without any changes, surprises or spending a day at the dealership. My broker delivered the service and vehicle that I wanted at a great price. I spent about twenty minutes at the dealership, signed the paperwork and then I was on my way! I would recommend this to anyone who values their time and wants the vehicle just the way they want it! Thanks!

Tom G.
Thornton, Colorado

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    My hat is off to my broker and the service you provide. Both my wife and I have and will continue to recommend your service to friends.

    The process was totally painless and best of all, a huge timesaver. In the past, I have been very successful in negotiating favorable terms on vehicle purchases and trade-ins. However, at best, it is time-consuming and, at worst, it is very frustrating. Knowing I can get as good or even a better deal without lifting a finger is too good to refuse. Best of all, my broker was very professional and genuinely a nice guy.

Keith S.
Alamo, California

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    1Click Auto Brokers allowed me to be “hands off” in the whole process while getting me the exact vehicle I wanted – all with no hassles.

    My broker did an excellent job and I commend him on his effort. I hope to always purchase my future cars through your company.

Daniel K.
Naperville, Illinois

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    Working with 1Click Auto Brokers and, specifically, the broker assigned to me, made the entire process easy, much less time consuming and worth every penny.

    My broker was very professional and I enjoyed the car buying process for the first time. I have bought many cars over the years and this is the first time I did not feel taken advantage of in some way. I wish I had known about your company before. Thanks again.

Steve K.
Atlanta, Georgia

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    My broker was a pleasure to work with. He was prompt, businesslike, and straightforward about the car and dealership. He personified all the reasons I decided to hire a broker in the first place, making a process I had feared almost pleasant.

    Even with the broker's fee, he saved me substantial money on the car that I wanted.

Lynn S.
Bethesda, Maryland

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    This was the easiest, least stressful car buying experience we have ever had.  Our broker was courteous and very professional. He totally took the headaches out of car buying. Your company did a great job and it was well worth your fee to have peace of mind! 

    I would recommend 1Click Auto Brokers to anyone who is tired of high pressure sales tactics and having that uncomfortable feeling after driving off the dealer's lot.  With 1Click...all of that goes away and you have total peace of mind knowing that you got the best deal possible!  Thanks again!

Jon & Karen F.
Aurora, Colorado

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    1Click Auto Brokers provided service that exceeded my expectations. My broker was prompt, delivered on promises and offered a car purchase price that was extremely cost effective. It was a savings of time and money. Thanks for the great service!

Matt A.
Houston, Texas

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    Thank you very much for helping me get a great price on a high-demand vehicle without the hassle of negotiating with a dealer. The professionalism and competence of my broker was top-notch.

    There were problems with my credit union and a resulting problem with my credit score which slowed down the process. My broker stuck with me and helped me resolve the problem.

    The vehicle was delivered to me at my place of employment, which was a great convenience. Thanks again for your outstanding company.

Jeff P.
Fresno, California

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    Thank you for the service you provided. I was pleased with the promptness of the response and I appreciated my broker’s helpfulness. I received very good cooperation at the dealership and the whole transaction went very smoothly. I also appreciated being treated with respect as a consumer.

Beth L.
Vancouver, Washington

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    My broker worked continuously to explain the entire process to me while relentlessly working to find an available Ford Shelby that met my desires rather than wait the long period of time for one to be built.

    I have told numerous people about your service and hope that my broker, Josh, will work with me in the future on writing up a little case about your business model for my Retailing textbook.

    Fantastic experience all around!

James C.
Auburn, Alabama

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    What I liked most about working with 1Click Auto Brokers was the professional manner in which every aspect of the process was handled. Every effort was earnestly made to ensure that the process went as smoothly as possible. Any and every question was answered honestly and information provided was clear and concise.

    Not only would I refer friends or family to 1Click Auto Brokers, when I told co-workers of my experience one of them immediately asked for the link to your website because he would soon be in the market for a new vehicle.

John T.
Hunterdon, New Jersey

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    I hate dealing with car dealerships and you made it so I didn't have to. I got the exact vehicle I wanted at a good price.

    My broker was excellent to work with -- he was very attentive to our questions and needs throughout the entire process, always friendly and took care of business quickly. Can't say enough about him.

    I will definitely tell people about my experience and recommend 1Click to friends and family who are planning to buy a new vehicle!

Christopher R.
Lakeville, Minnesota

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    Our broker was very honest. It was our first time buying our own car and he made sure not to leave out any info or advice. We got the car, and the car loan, we wanted. He made our first time car purchase easy and stress free. We are completely satisfied.

     We did not have to stress about dealing with the car dealer or trying to find the car that we liked. It was soooooo easy and we would definitely use this service again when we need to purchase another car. We absolutely love our car.

Ginger H.
Louisville, Colorado

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    My broker was ethical, professional, knowledgeable, skillful and obviously very experienced in what he does.

    The particular model of Toyota Sienna that I wanted was not easy to locate. I contacted a dozen local dealers and a handful of online car sales websites. No one had the capability to help me find and buy this car. Then I found 1Click and the deal was done. Thank you!

Mark P.
Napa, California

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    We are so pleased with our new van. Our purchase was a pleasant auto buying experience, which we have never had before working directly with a dealer.

    Our broker was always professional and courteous, despite our occasional lapse due to indecision. We can't say enough about how impressed that courtesy left us, coupled with the price, we will use 1Click Auto Brokers again! In fact, we are doing so right now!!

    Also, we will refer our friends to you happily! Thanks again!!

Paul & Gretchen V.
Oak Hill, Virginia

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    Throughout the phone and written communication with my broker, I always felt like he was speaking and acting in my best interests. Absolutely no games were being played with me.

    It is a very empowering feeling to have that asset on your side working the buy for you. This was easy and it feels "honest."  I feel like I paid a fair price and received a very fair product & service.

    As a foot note, this was the quickest I have ever purchased or leased a new vehicle. It took about 30 minutes to walk in, sign and drive; I liked that.

Shawn G.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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    I have never had a better experience buying a car!

    My broker kept me informed as to what was happening on a daily basis and always called when he said he would. After doing all the legwork, not only did he find the exact vehicle I was looking for, but the price he was able to obtain for me was excellent. I most appreciated the completely professional manner in which my broker conducted business.

    I will highly recommend your company! Thank you for everything!

Charles W.
Norwalk, Connecticut

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     My broker listened to my needs, offered quality advice, but most important of all, he performed. I got the exact match to what I'd asked for but also several close alternatives based on his work.

     To others I'd say that, as a very careful person, I am always suspicious when I use the Internet especially when it comes to money matters. My experience with 1Click Auto Brokers was excellent. So, from my perspective at least, this is a company that I'll deal with again.

Craig B.
Loudonville, New York

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    Our broker was prompt, courteous and pleasant, listened to our wishes, no hard sell, and "delivered us the goods!"

    Neither my husband nor I look forward to the car buying process, it is time-consuming and one gets information and deal overload!  This was a pleasant, fast, easy way to get our car needs met.

Judith F.
Seattle, Washington

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    Working with 1Click was exactly as I'd hoped and expected: I was able to purchase a new vehicle at a reasonable price without the frustration and stress of negotiating with car salesmen and the mind-games that dealership personnel play.

    My 1Click broker performed over and above my expectations by anticipating and handling details I never would have thought of on my own. I especially appreciated his candor and honest recommendations.

Howard S.
Nashville, Tennessee

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    I really appreciated my broker’s professionalism and courtesy.  He was knowledgable, helpful, and got back to me quickly. 1Click made the whole process easy--whether purchasing or leasing a new car.

    This was one of several purchases or leases I have made with 1Click and I have confidently referred a half dozen friends to them and they've referred their friends. 1Click provides a great service and saves people money, keep up the good work!

Antonette B.
Las Vegas, Nevada

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    I had some reservations about working with a company I knew little about; however, I am happy to report that this was the best buying experience I have ever had!

    My broker was extremely responsive and very considerate of my needs. He found exactly the car I wanted and the price was thousands less than local. The total amount of time I spent on this transaction, including the financing and the arrangements to have the car delivered to New Mexico, was much less than the time I spent in the dealership during a previous purchase.

    In a nutshell, I loved the fact that I could get exactly the car I wanted, without the hassle, at a terrific price. As a result, I am recommending 1Click Auto Brokers to all my friends and family, and I will never purchase another car any other way!

Dennis H.
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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    Thank you for assisting me with this auto deal (for the third time since 2003). As usual, you hit all nails on the head. The delivery process was quick and efficient. Your contact at the dealership was excellent. He was very thorough in explaining all the car’s functions and the business part was smooth and short.

    I appreciate your expertise and you saved me a lot of time as well as money. Please feel free to share this email and/or use me as a reference.

Mike F.
Houston, Texas

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    Having someone assist in this process was extremely worthwhile; having just purchased a home and a lease that was about to expire, 1Click provided an invaluable service meaning that I didn't have to step foot into a dealership and work with car dealers whom rarely have my best interests in mind.

    I think all aspects of my transaction were exceptional. My broker not only assisted with the purchase but even assisted with resolving a problem identified just after the papers were signed.

    1Click to me is a service that is worth every penny... I saved hours of time normally spent shopping around and negotiating not to mention trying to decipher between which dealer was telling me the truth and which was outright lying just to get a sale. 1Click for me provides an excellent new process for purchasing a vehicle and I have already been recommending them to friends and relatives.

Leo O.
Coconut Creek, Florida

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    This is the 2nd car purchase from 1Click Auto Brokers and it is GREAT to be able to obtain a vehicle in a minimal amount of time without dealing with a car salesperson!

    My broker was GREAT and he kept me informed of the status and did a wonderful job on the follow-up to make sure everything went well. We will definitely continue to purchase vehicles this way.

    Thanks again for an outstanding resource!!!

Laurie S.
Windsor, Colorado

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    We are extremely satisfied with our broker and the entire process.  We purchase a new car nearly every year and I have never had such a pleasant experience despite my numerous contacts in the automotive dealership world.

    We received a very competitive quote and everything (including all of the paperwork at the dealership) went smoothly and quickly without the usual up-selling. My wife loves her new Lexus, and I will definitely use 1Click Auto Brokers again.

    1Click removed the usual bickering and posturing encountered out of the process, provided us with the lowest price by a significant margin and made purchasing a vehicle fun again. It even turned my jaded wife into a fan. The only way it could be better is if the vehicle were free - not likely to happen.

Sean T.
Carmel, Indiana

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    Most people, myself included, dread the prospect of buying a new car. However, after dealing with 1Click I have learned that car buying can be easy. I appreciated the simplicity and professionalism that 1Click offers.

    My broker was awesome.  He was quick to respond to my calls and got me the exact car I wanted at a price much lower than I could have ever negotiated on my own.  I have referred everyone I know, who is in the market for a new car, to your company.

Bryan B.
Brentwood, Tennessee

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